October 21, 2021

Communities of Practice: Collaboration, Diversity, Gender

Malik Thomas-Smeda

October 15 – November 26, 2021.
Preview October 15, 5:00pm – 6:30pm.


An exhibition and series of secondary school outreach workshops that showcase pedagogy and professional practice on the Graphic Design and Illustration programmes at Liverpool School of Art and Design.

The staff, students and alumni at Liverpool School of Art and Design are part of a rich network of illustrators, graphic designers, typographers, artworkers and creative agencies that make up a broader community of practice. This includes Liverpool born alumni Malik Thomas-Smeda. Since graduating from the undergraduate Graphic Design and Illustration programme in 2016 he has established an international reputation for his beautifully complex info-graphics in the UK and across the globe.

The Exhibition Research Lab welcomes Thomas-Smeda back to Liverpool School of Art and Design to display a body of his design work – providing the first collected exhibition of his practice to date – and working with him to facilitate outreach work to marginalised communities to show pathways into the field of practice.

This exhibition is a collaboration with Dorothy.


Alongside Communities of Practice other projects by Graphic Design and Illustration staff and students on display at Liverpool School of Art and Design includes:

  • Cecilia Garside Visible Signs: The Female Designer/Illustrator
  • Ian Mitchell Document Your Culture: Pedagogy and Cultural Narratives 
  • Laura Parke I Don’t Love Soccer but my Sister Does
  • MA Graphic Design & Illustration students Mapping the Research Terrain