February 17, 2021

Contemporary Research Intensive

Contemporary Research Intensive is a publication acting as the outcome of an event of the same name, organised as part of the 57th Venice Art Biennale to investigate the concept of “contemporaneity.”

Gathering together artists/curators/researchers through an open call, we asked how the temporal complexity that follows from the coming together of different temporalities in the same present could be made known in the context of contemporary art research, and particularly through practices that involve exhibitionary forms. The book—the tenth volume of The Contemporary Condition—is both part and result of the intensive sharing of ideas to produce something that captures the spirit of both discussions at that time and the publication process as a temporal form.

Organised by The Contemporary Condition research project & Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology research program, Aarhus University & Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool John Moores University, in partnership with Venice Faculty for Arts and Design, University of Architecture IUAV, Uniarts Helsinki and the Research Pavilion in the context of the 57th Venice Art Biennale. It is published by Sternberg Press.