June 3, 2024

Memory Loss on Screen

June 11, 2024
1:00 – 3:00pm

Film maker and film historian, Dr Jonathan Law, will lead this interactive lecture and narrated screening on the ways in which the creation and exhibition of collaged film is able to engage with thinking around memory loss.

The practice of collage in film takes many forms, and in the twenty-first century a critical method has arisen through which sequences drawn from existing narrative films are repurposed and brought into new forms of juxtaposition. One example can be found in Christian Marclay’s The Clock 2010 (exhibited Tate 2018-19). In the UK, this piece formed a key case study in the formulation of Fair Dealing copyright exceptions that, since 2014, have enabled artist-filmmakers to further deploy collage practices in way that are legally permissible and also critically productive.

This talk will use a recent history of film collage exhibition practices to discuss the qualities of juxtaposition, recontextualisation and critique that are central to film collage as a medium. In doing so, Law will present some aspects of his new work-in-progress – a film collage that investigates visual histories of memory loss across a wide range of narrative cinema.

Our events are always free and open to all; there is no need to book for this interactive lecture and narrated screening.