February 22, 2021

  • Staff/Researcher Publications
  • Contemporary Research Intensive

    Contemporary Research Intensive is a publication acting as the outcome of an event of the same name, organised as part of the 57th Venice Art Biennale to investigate the concept of “contemporaneity.” Gathering together artists/curators/researchers through an open call, we asked how the temporal complexity that follows from the coming together of different temporalities in […]

    DATA Browser

    The DATA Browser book series explores new thinking and practice at the intersection of contemporary art, digital culture and politics. The series takes theory or criticism not as a fixed set of tools or practices, but rather as an evolving chain of ideas that recognise the conditions of their own making. The term “browser” is useful […]


    Stages is an open access contemporary art journal published by Liverpool Biennial in partnership with Exhibition Research Lab. It is dedicated to staging research generated in the context of Liverpool Biennial’s artistic programme. Commissioning Editors are Joasia Krysa and Fatoş Üstek. It is freely available both online and in PDF format at: https://www.biennial.com/journal