June 3, 2024

Research-Based Programming in University Galleries

June 11, 2024
10:00am – 12:00pm

Archibald Bathgate Seminar Room,
Ground floor, John Lennon Art & Design Building

An incubatory meeting to introduce staff conducting research-based programming connected with university-affiliated galleries to consider ways in which we might begin to share research and models of best practice.

There are currently many small, hard-working units that have no way to connect other than through personal relationships. Many of these units work directly with public GLAM institutes, and support the careers of emerging researchers, curators and artists. This initial meeting aims to open dialogues between the many differing kinds of staff working at these units to allow us to gauge whether further exchange would be productive, and if the research questions stated below can be usefully honed:

  1. What are models of best practice in relation to participant, stakeholder and visitor accessibility, and external collaborations with museums, galleries, archives and libraries in university-affiliated research galleries in the UK? 
  1. How can university-affiliated research galleries commission programmes to support sustained long-term artistic development and research? 
  1. Is there scope for a network of university-affiliated research galleries in the UK, and if so, how could it function to maintain and develop innovative standards of best practice?

All our events are free and open to all, and there is no booking required for this event. If you wish to attend but need to join remotely there is a Teams link here. Meeting ID: 386 949 699 778, Passcode: 2K33yK.