June 5, 2024


December 14, 2023
6:00 – 9:00pm

Exhibition Research Lab is pleased to present Triplespeak, an evening of experimental performance organised by Harriet Morley and Roy Claire Potter.

Rather than focusing on a particular theme or commonality, Triplespeak is concerned with platforming six dynamic performance artists based in Liverpool. This event is dedicated to showcasing various types of performance from artists who, either due to a lack of prior opportunities or an absence from the performance scene, are now eager to experiment and improvise with the creative material they’ve been honing.

Over three hours, each performer or group of performers has a 15-minute window where we can expect an amalgamation of audio, visual, conversational, experimental, improvised performance.

The performances will begin at 6:30pm and refreshments will be available.

Performers include: Ash / / Ella, Tanssah, Harriet Morely ft. Nil00 & Tom Doubtfire, Mel Honeyworld, Kat Plumb and Anthony.

All our events are free and open to all; no booking is required for this evening of performance.