July 11, 2024

Reading Room: PINK

October 4 – November 4, 2022
Monday – Friday
11:00am – 04:00pm

During downtime in the public programme between installation periods the ERL will be transformed into a pedagogical resource, providing freely accessible and distributed excerpts of reading material within two distinct categories: curatorial and exhibitionary knowledge, and curated reading lists relating to upcoming public programme projects. This resource will be the only one of its kind in Liverpool, which will be freely accessible to the general public.

Between physical projects in the space the iterant reading room will serve as a base for self-directed interaction with key themes in the upcoming programme, alongside broader concerns of exhibition-making. The curated reading lists will be compiled by staff, researchers and invited practitioners either participating in, or responding to, the upcoming programme and current discourses within contemporary art.

From this dynamic library space public events and reading groups will be organised both online/offline; allowing the ERL to continue fulfilling its remit of knowledge production and dissemination, developing regional, national and international relationships, and providing critically engaged outreach to the local arts community.

This presentation of texts serves as an invitation into the ideas, writing and research that has informed the development of PINK: a peripatetic curatorial project focusing on interdisciplinary research, practice and collaborative exchange. PINK was established as a means of reflecting upon performative modes of exhibition-making and collective acts of thinking and making. PINK occupies an experimental research-led position, weaving between artistic research and discursive curatorial approaches – initiating methods for the production of knowledge that engages with a particular set of curatorial questions and ideas.

Curated by Katy Morrison, this constellation of texts attempts to frame an approach to curatorial research and its practice – encompassing the broad, varying avenues of PINK that are multimodal, multi-temporal and multi-situated. Each revealing and unfolding PINK’s different ongoing lines of enquiry.